Sunday, August 16, 2009


So Saturday night ended up being a very eventfull evening. Matt had just left to go play music and Madi finally convinced me of cooking her ever favorite Mac N Cheese (microwavable kind). I started the microwave (3mins) and went to turn the laundry when I heard Madi say Mommy the microwave stopped. I was like whateva. When I came upstairs I could see the mins counting down but no noise or rotation coming from within. Tried to reset and do over and nothing, so I called Matt do let him know our POS micro died when I noticed it was on fire behind the # panel. This is when I freaked and was omg what do I do what do I do. Thanks goodness Matt was on the phone and told me to pull it away from the wall and put cold towels on it (after unplugging it of course). That was scary too, thought i was going to get electricuted. Once I pulled away from the wall then it got really scary, the smoke was billowing out, kids were crying, I pulled the wet towel off and the number panel was melting away from the base and flames started shooting out. Now that i could actually see in there to put it out, I threw a couple cups of water on it and it went out. My house stinks like burnt plastic (thank goodness for my new scentsy scents I just purchased). As Matt put on his facebook page "I found out my truck will do 100mph quite easliy when it needs to (like when your wife calls you to tell you the microwave is actually producing flames)". LOL sorry Honey


  1. So nice to know that these things happen at other peoples houses and not just mine! I am sure I told you about that lovely phone call one afternoon at work when the kids called to tell me the microwave was on fire! Yes we needed a new one but I can think of many other ways to achieve it without the stinky burnt plastic smell! Hurrah for scentsy!!!

  2. SO it's so nice to see you have a blog!!! thanks for telling me!